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Dentures are vital prosthetic solutions for those with missing teeth. These removable appliances provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to restore your smile.

Types of Dentures:

  1. Complete Dentures:
    • Purpose: Replaces all teeth in the upper or lower arch.
    • Procedure: Impressions of your gums are used to create a custom-fitted full denture.
    • Benefits: Restores a full smile and aids in chewing and speaking.
  2. Partial Dentures:
    • Purpose: Replaces one or several missing teeth in a dental arch.
    • Procedure: Custom-made to attach to existing teeth or dental implants.
    • Benefits: Enhances aesthetics and functionality without replacing all teeth.

The Denture Process:

  • Initial Consultation: We examine your oral health, discuss your specific needs and recommend the appropriate denture type.
  • Impressions and Measurements: Precise measurements and impressions of your mouth are taken to create custom dentures.
  • Denture Fitting: Once ready, your dentures are carefully fitted and adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Follow-Up: Periodic adjustments and check-ups ensure that your dentures continue to fit well.

Benefits of Dentures:

  • Smile Restoration: Replaces missing teeth, restoring your smile’s aesthetics.
  • Improved Functionality: Aids in chewing and speaking.
  • Preservation of Facial Structure: Supports the facial muscles, preventing a sunken appearance.

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